Audit Services

R.J. & Associates Environmental Consulting auditing services focus on gauging our client’s risk of potential environmental liabilities. We systematically and objectively determine a facility’s compliance with all applicable regulations, as well as with corporate environmental-policy goals. This allows clients to establish priorities within existing environmental programs and plan for the future.

WSBC & Federal Environmental Compliance Audits

R.J. & Associates Environmental Consulting conducts facility specific reviews for compliance with federal, provincial, regional and municipal regulations that govern:

  • Hazardous and solid waste
  • Aboveground and underground storage tanks
  • Transportation of hazardous waste and materials
  • Air quality
  • Asbestos
  • PCBs
  • Lead


Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Audits

The objective of our audits are to review and evaluate the Clients ‘Health and Safety program for WorkSafeBC compliance status. This may take a variety of forms, such as identifying and documenting compliance discrepancies and recommending steps to facilitate corrective action; helping management understand and interpret regulatory requirements, and guidelines, or patterns of deficiencies that may emerge over time.

Please find outlined below R.J. & Associates Environmental Consulting’s proposed approach for WCBS compliance audits.

  • Review all applicable documents and background materials such as “The Occupational Health & Safety Program” and regulatory correspondence.
  • Conduct a familiarization tour (reconnaissance visit) of typical daily work activity on the job and a pre-audit meeting to identify the key personnel to facilitate the audit process.
  • Understanding Internal Management Systems and Procedures
  • Assessing Strengths and Weakness
  • Gathering Audit Evidence
  • Evaluate/Summarize Audit Finding
  • Reporting Audit Findings
  • Prepare and submit final report.