Preventing Lead Exposure at Jobsites

Course Details

  • 407-604 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, V3M-1A5
  • Price: $300 per person+GST

This 4-hour course is designed for contractors, trades (e.g. electrician & iron-workers, etc.), and labourers who encounter lead based paints or coatings on the jobsite or workplace while performing routine tasks. To prevent possible exposure to lead while performing these routine tasks, WorkSafeBC regulations require that Exposure Control Plan and specific Safe Work Procedures are developed and implemented by the employer on the jobsite.

This course discusses the various control measures (e.g. engineering, administrative and decontamination, etc.) that meets requirements for Low Risk and Low-to-Moderate Risk Lead Work Procedures.

The topics covered include:

  • Lead in historical perspective;
  • Health effects and medical surveillance requirements;
  • Current provincial and federal regulations;
  • Introduction to Exposure Control Plan
  • Control types and implementation;
  • Overview of Personal protective equipment, including respirators;
  • Worker decontamination and hygiene

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